Hay rake of ash and Douglas fir.

This hay rake is modeled after one in the Shaker Museum collection. Natural Douglas fir handle with largest diameter at rake end, 1 1/8" tapering to 7/8" at other end. Handle is mortised into a tine ash bar and fixed with two wooden wedges driven into the end. Natural mock orange stem tines are through-mortised into tine bar and wedged. Two concentric semi-circular red osier dogwood braces are lashed to the handle with rawhide and through mortised into the tine bar and locked there with wooden wedges. Rake has 16 half-inch diameter, easily replaced tines. Finish: spar varnish.

76 x 32 x 6.25 in. (193 x 81.3 x 15.9 cm)

Modeled after your Object ID1957.8940.1 Grading rake of ash and hickory, Hancock, MA.

Bill Rogers

The Ruled Rolling Pin, 2021

in Walnut & Ash


This Ruled Rolling Pin is inspired by the visual rhythm & utility of peg rails found in many Shaker homes. The walnut pin is marked with ash pegs at 1" intervals along its length to assist in rolling out dough to a desired diameter. The stepped ends function as dough depth-checkers -- one end with 1/4" increments and the other 1/8". Like the peg rail, these details may appear decorative, but the embellishments in form serve mainly to enhance the tool's utility. The Ruled Rolling Pin is a simple tool that not only helps roll out dough but measures it along the way. 


In an added nod to Shaker peg rails, the pin is paired with a rubber-dipped clasp for wall-mounting -- a reimagined detail that helps usher Shaker principles for organization & utility into the tiny apartment of it's Brooklyn maker. 


Instagram: @sunlathe

Parker Thompson

Clarke Olsen.jpg

Clarke Olsen

This cherry tray, measures 20” x 11” x 7/8." It's simple design is pared to the essential function of the tray, protecting contents from sliding off the sides or ends.